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The Institute

The purpose of having an agricultural training institute is to enhance the capacity building in order to offer better technical advice to the farming community in the Place of Agriculture. The Agriculture Training Institute will be a center that offers various training (and consultancy) services related to the agricultural development activities of the settlement.

The institution will also provide an in-house training to the agricultural staff, farmers and also students who come to the settlement to have a practical hands-on training in agriculture.

The agricultural training institute will be to enable to produce enough extension staff to work with farmers in rural areas. The extension staffs are expected to provide advice to farmers, improve their farming skills and assist communities in developing their agricultural development plans.

To train men and women for the purpose of fulfilling manpower requirements in the agricultural sector (block extension officers)


  • To have an institute that is sustainable and capable of offering up to date ‘demand driven’ training on crop, livestock and natural resource management.
  • To prepare young men and women for self-employment.
  • To offer technical advisory services to farmers in the field through village outreach programmes.
  • A sound investment in the development of the Sector and the economy as a whole.
  • Training programmes must be coordinated in such a way that they assist previously disadvantaged farmers to overcome obstacles to their development into commercial farmers.

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