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Greenhouse Farming

One major way technology can be used to significantly improve farming is through greenhouse farming. Vegetable production using greenhouses is an advanced way of commercial farming. A greenhouse is a farm device designed to control relative humidity, rainfall, excessive sunlight, insects, pests and other vagaries affecting vegetable and fruit production.

Growing crops under greenhouses has many advantages, among them are:

  • The ability to produce huge quantities on a small piece of land and continuous harvesting.
  • The tomato varieties grown under greenhouses have a shelf life of 21 days compared with 14 for those grown in the open.
  • Tomatoes are generally highly susceptible to diseases, requiring heavy application of pesticides, but under the greenhouse growing techniques, which come with basic training on hygiene, most of common infections are easily kept at bay.
  • Also kept at bay are insects and other pests known to invade plants, as well as weeds. Apart from huge savings on crop protection chemicals, which constitute a huge part of production cost, while exposure to chemical toxins associated with application is minimized or eliminated altogether.
  • Nigeria is a major importer of vegetables. Because tomato and other vegetables produced in the country are of low quality a lot of it gets wasted during peak period of harvest.
  • Farmers who have opted for this farming system claim it provides the best option for boosting the quality of agricultural yields. The major advantage of greenhouse farming system is that it is capable of addressing scarcity of vegetables especially tomatoes during the rainy season since crops in the greenhouse are planted all year round, in a well-controlled climatic condition.

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