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Our One stop Service: You only one contact person for all your need, an experience client representative will be attributed to your project and will assist your application. From form to construction, and to operation process in order to guarantee a smooth start of your business.


Agro-Industrial export oriented Farm complex enough to stimulate Economic Growth and self-determination of small and medium scale farmers.

Film Village

To serve as the representative for all other film villages in Africa much more a multi purpose cum world class centre for international and local productions.

Green House Farming

One major way technology can be used to significantly improve farming is through greenhouse farming. Vegetable production using greenhouses.

Training Institute

The purpose of having training institute is to enhance the capacity building in order to offer better technical advice to the community.


Afrowood aim to generate 1 megawatt of power. This would give various settlement an unprecedented advantage.

Cultural Village

A relaxed atmosphere where guests are welcomed to the rich hospitality of traditional African ways.

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